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Everything You Need to Know About Infinite Banking® and Whole Life Insurance

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Strategies for IBC and Whole Life


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What's Inside



Foundational Principles

  1.  Learn what Infinite Banking® is and why whole life insurance is used to implement it
  2. Understand also what it is NOT
  3. Determine for yourself why you should even care
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Whole Life Insurance

Deep Dive Into Whole Life

  1.  Understand how cash value works and where it comes from
  2. Detailed analysis of whole life policy design policy riders, including PUA and Term Riders, to build cash value the right way
  3.  Learn the truth about dividends and dividend recognition 
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What can you do with all of this?

  1.  Debt strategies through privatized banking and insurance
  2. Unlocking equity to multiply value
  3. Buying real estate: Cash vs. IBC
  4. Strategies to double your retirement income when you own life insurance
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The Full Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction

  1. "Banking" with life insurance explained
  2. What is life insurance and how much should I have?
  3. Types of life insurance

Module 2: Why should you care?

  1. Does your plan survive if you don't?
  2. The Hierarchy of Capital
  3. Where do you store your cash?
  4. You finance everything you buy
  5. "Person A, Person B"
  6. Money must reside somewhere
  7. Whole life insurance as a financial multiplier

Module 3: Whole Life Insurance

  1. What is whole life insurance (and what is it NOT)
  2. Cost: term vs. whole life
  3. Costs of whole life vs. universal life
  4. Life insurance illustration components
  5. The process of getting whole life insurance

Module 4: All about whole life dividends

  1. Dividends overview
  2. Direct vs. non-direct recognition

Module 5: Whole life policy riders

  1. Important policy riders
  2. Paid Up Additions rider
  3. Term riders

Module 6: All about life insurance cash value

  1. What is cash value, exactly?
  2. The IRS "Modified Endowment Contract" (MEC) limit
  3. How can cash value be accessed?
  4. Premium to cash value ratios and the capitalization period
  5. Cash value ratios and rate of return
  6. What can I do with cash value?

Module 7: All about policy loans

  1. What are policy loans?
  2. Initiating a policy loan
  3. Am I paying myself back?
  4. How is loan interest charged?
  5. What can I do with policy loans?
  6. Should I always use policy loans and never a bank loan?

Module 8: Life insurance companies and life insurance agents

  1. What's the difference between and agent and a broker?
  2. How do agents and brokers get paid?

Module 9: FAQs and Miscellaneous

  1. Does the life insurance company keep the cash value when I die?
  2. How soon can I take a policy loan and how much can I borrow?
  3. Is whole life insurance tax-deferred or tax-free?
  4. What is a "catch-up" provision

Module 10: Additional Resources

  1. YOUR BONUSES - free downloads and eBooks
  2. Recommended reading

Module 11: Strategies

  1. Debt strategies through privatized banking
  2. Unlocking equity to multiply value
  3. Recurring expense funds
  4. Buying real estate: cash vs. IBC
  5. Tax-flattening strategy for taxable accounts
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