$77.00 USD

IBC Mastery

Everything you need to know about Infinite BankingĀ® and whole life insurance to reach your maximum financial potential.

Taught by IBC Authorized Practitioner, John D. Perrings

What you'll learn:

  • Get clarity about Infinite BankingĀ® from an Authorized IBC Practitioner. No sensationalism. Just clear direction.

  • The demystified truth about whole life insurance, cash value, and policy design.

  • Deep-dive knowledge of all the riders, including PUA riders and Term insurance riders - and how the affect cash value

  • Accurate, principles-based information about policy loans, dividend-recognition, and base/PUA ratios.

  • Strategies that combine whole life, IBC, and other private wealth strategies to reduce tax, reduce risk, and increase returns

Disclaimer - this course is for general education purposes only and is not to be considered advice of any kind.