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"I couldn’t have asked for a better insurance advisor than John! He has proven tremendously knowledgeable in his craft. I learn something new every time we talk."

- Ian C. - Engineer & real estate investor - San Jose, CA

100% 5/5 ratings on Google

“John has been the most important resource on my Infinite Banking journey. He’s part of my family’s advisory council now – just like our accountant, lawyer, and doctor."

- Andrew - Owner, technology consulting - Alameda, CA

100% 5/5 ratings on Google

“John helped us find a way to accumulate wealth without giving up the liquidity we need when an investment opportunity arises."

- Stacey - Business owner and real estate investor, NYC

100% 5/5 ratings on Google


Reach your maximum financial potential with certainty

Authorized Infinite Banking®

Become your own banker.

The Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC) is strategic capital accumulation that allows you to take over the banking function for the purpose of financing your large purchases and investments.

Increase liquidity and redirect the flow of money and interest away from the financial institutions and back into your own financial system.


Whole Life Insurance

The optimal platform for Infinite Banking®.

The guaranteed, fully-backed policy loan provision allows for safe leverage, giving every dollar in your system the ability to do more than one job at a time.

Business owners, investors, and high net worth clients experience even more benefits with significant tax savings and premium finance strategies.


Private Wealth Strategies

Growth without Wall Street risk.

Fully-backed private commercial lending and joint venture opportunities provide growth and income for you and/or your business, while always protecting your principal. The perfect complement to The Infinite Banking Concept®


Defer Capital Gains

Keep more of what you earn.

Offset and/or defer capital gains tax and depreciation recapture on highly-appreciated assets, including stock, crypto, real estate, and businesses. An excellent solution to preserve value, dissolve partnerships, and maximize income from the sale of assets.



It Starts with Whole Life Insurance

Where we store cash.

Whole life insurance is a special asset class with unique characteristics, based on actuarial science, that make it an ideal place to store cash.

The cash value of a whole life insurance policy is liquid,  guaranteed, and provides tax-deferred growth that, when compared to a typical bank, is exceptional.

Whole life insurance is such a valuable asset that the banks themselves own hundreds of billions of dollars of it as a component of their Tier 1 capital.

They own so much because they know that it is possible to create multiple values from every dollar of whole life insurance.

How Does Whole Life Insurance Work?

A centuries-old financial asset

Let's compare it to a type of life insurance most of us are already familiar with: term insurance. Term insurance is like renting an apartment. You pay rent and when you move out, that's it. You don't get any of your rent money back.

Whole life insurance, in contrast, is like buying a house. The payments are higher, but every time you make a premium payment, it builds equity in the policy called "cash value."

This cash value is guaranteed to grow, tax-deferred, every single year, with no down years.

Cash value can also be accessed, tax-free, through the guaranteed "policy loan" provision that gives you the right to borrow money from the insurance company, using your cash value as collateral.

The combination of the presence of capital + the guaranteed loan provision gives you the ability to "become your own banker" and finance all of the large purchases in your life.

Who Benefits from Whole Life Insurance?

Present and future values

One of the incredible things about whole life insurance that is often misunderstood is the fact that it provides both a future value upon death (the death benefit) and a present value that can be used in many ways to create and protect wealth now, while the insured is still alive (the living benefits).

Everyone in your circle with who you want to create, enhance, and transfer wealth benefits from strategies using whole life insurance.

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I'm John Perrings

I started StackedLife after a 20-year career in Silicon Valley tech startups and data center real estate, finance, and construction.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am an Authorized Infinite Banking® Practitioner and private commercial lending consultant.

My mission is to teach people how it is possible to reach your maximum financial potential without all the typical Wall Street risk.


"I would highly recommend John to anyone that is looking to setup their own Infinite Banking policy."

- Brian W.

Senior Mgr, Healthcare IT - Los Angeles, CA

"John is the best! He helped me setup my first IBC Whole Life policy, and I could not have been more pleased with the process."

- Ian K.

Business Owner & Real Estate Investor - Minneapolis, MN

"He was very responsive whenever we had questions and helped me craft the best whole life policy for my needs. We're really glad we reached out to John!"

- Dyanna V.

Investor & Influencer - San Francisco, CA



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