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I'm John Perrings

I started StackedLife after a 20-year career in Silicon Valley tech startups and data center real estate, finance, and construction.

After two popped bubbles (and now, potentially, a third), I couldn't help but notice that the typical financial advice that most of us are taught always, at some point, causes us to lose.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, my mission is to show my clients how to structure their finances in a way that allows them to always win - no matter what happens.

Change is all around us. What are you doing to ensure you are in a position to take advantage of the coming changes, rather than react to them?

Save More

Innovative savings technology + whole life insurance that allows more of your money to earn.

Authorized IBC

Understand and implement the Infinite Banking Concept® with whole life insurance.

Private Lending

Eliminate Wall Street risk with strategies that increase equity and income.

Tax Deferral

Defer capital gains tax on highly appreciated assets (stocks, businesses, crypto, real estate).

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Schedule a free, no-obligation 30 minute consultation to determine how these strategies might work for you.

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My Story

Having just lived through two popped bubbles in 2000 and 2008, it was obvious there was a massive disconnect between what we are taught about money and investing and what the reality was.

We are taught that "high risk equals high returns." Yet, during my 20 years in Hi-Tech, working with institutional investors buying large data center real estate assets, I learned that that rate of return was not the most important concern for these large investors.

Their top two factors in evaluating deals were:

  1. Control
  2. Risk

Rate of return is not in their top two concerns, because they know something most of us don't:

If they have control over a high-quality asset, they can create multiple rates of return on the same money.

This is part of what led me to where I am today. By getting every dollar in our system to do the job of two of three, we do not have to expose ourselves to loss in the attempt to get returns.

"No pressure or sales pitches. He listened to my needs, and is helping me set up strategies for my business and my family’s future"

- Patrick W.

General Contractor - San Francisco, CA

"John helped us find a way to accumulate wealth without giving up the liquidity we need when an investment opportunity arises."

- Stacey S.

Business owner & real estate investor - New York, NY

"John has been the most important resource on my Infinite Banking journey. He’s part of my family’s advisory council now – just like our accountant, lawyer, and doctor."

- Andrew B.

Owner - Tech Consulting - San Francisco, CA


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