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Bay Area Authorized Infinite Banking Concept™

Infinite Banking is privatized banking at the "you and me" level, using high cash value, dividend-paying whole life insurance as the platform for accumulating and deploying capital.

StackedLife is your trusted partner for education and implementation of The Infinite Banking Concept™

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Learn about The Infinite Banking Concept®

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we help clients, nation-wide, to understand and implement IBC.

Financing Expenses

Learn how StackedLife's "Recurring Expense Fund" model brings IBC to life. Pay for equipment, vehicles, taxes, and more, while always protecting your principal.

Buying Assets

Increase return on investment by using safe leverage on the guaranteed cash value of life insurance.

Creating a Legacy

Preserving the face value of your capital, from day one, ensures the maximum use and enjoyment of assets now and in the future.


IBC Mastery

Everything you need to know to understand The Infinite Banking Concept® and whole life insurance. In plain English.

IBC Mastery

A soup-to-nuts course on Infinite Banking® and whole life insurance.

Everything you need to know about IBC policy design, and implementation.

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Andrew B.

"John has been the most important resource on my Infinite Banking® journey. He’s part of my family’s advisory council now – just like our accountant, lawyer, and doctor."

Business Owner, Technology Consulting -- San Francisco Bay Area

What is Infinite Banking?

"You finance everything you buy. You either pay interest to someone else or you give up interest you could have earned."

- R. Nelson Nash

The Infinite Banking Concept™ is about reclaiming the banking function in your life by redirecting the flow of money and interest away from big banks and other financial institutions and to a financial system that you own and control.

Accept no substitutes!

The Infinite Banking Concept™ was created by R. Nelson Nash and the source material for Infinite Banking is Nelson's book, Becoming Your Own Banker: Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept.

John D Perrings - Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner

Why working with an Authorized IBC Practitioner Matters

Infinite Banking has become very popular in the insurance world - even more so over the last 5 years. Many insurance agents, all over social media, claim to do IBC. Did you know there is an official designation for Infinite Banking?

R. Nelson Nash was the creator of Infinite Banking and the organization he founded, The Nelson Nash Institute, is the only organization that officially authorizes insurance agents as "Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner," based on the following criteria:

  1. They align with the NNI standards of professionalism and ethics.
  2. They pass the required certification training, including macro-economics on money and banking, one of the guiding principles of IBC.
  3. They successfully complete an apprenticeship with a senior Authorized IBC Practitioner to ensure their understanding and ability to apply all of the above.

StackedLife is Authorized IBC in the San Francisco Bay Area and works nation-wide, helping clients understand and implement The IBC.

Who Benefits From IBC?

The Infinite Banking Concept™, when you boil it down, is about the strategic accumulation and deployment of capital. This is what allows us to "Become Our Own Banker."

Money must reside somewhere. Where should it reside?

  1. In a bank where the bankers own, control, and benefit from the use of your capital?
  2. Or in your own financial system, where you own, control, and benefit from the use of your capital?

Anyone who wants to take control and redirect the flow of money and interest away from the banks and into their own family's financial system will benefit from Infinite Banking. 

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